Electric German hippie bus is VW too fast

Is the German Electric Brands now outsmarting Volkswagen by introducing a modern interpretation of the famous T2? If it‘s up to the German company, their eBussy will be in the showroom from next year. That’s sooner than Volkswagen‘s own creation.

The eBussy is not a copy of the Volkswagen T1 or later T2, but it does evoke similarities with the van of yesteryear. The round nose with two round light units make a direct link with the classic Volkswagen bus.

And then there are the variants, which is absolutely following the example of the inventor of VW’s company car, the late Ben Pon. Electric Brands brings its eBussy in no less than ten different variants. That‘s considerably more than Volkswagen has communicated from its ID.Buzz to date, as it will be available in two lengths in a year or two.

With the eBussy, Electric Brands is responding to the sentiments evoked by the Volkswagen T2, when the model filled the streets with bakers and milkmen behind the steering wheel, among others.

The eBussy is also intended for door-to-door delivery. This is now done electrically, for example for ‘last miledeliveries of parcel services. The company speaks of a basic battery of barely 10 kWh and an electric motor with only 20 hp. A 30 kWh battery will become available as an option.

Performance is not known. The van would only weigh 450 kg in basic trim. The variant with the largest battery weighs up to 600 kg. With the compact battery package, the company clearly focuses on city traffic.

What’s more, such a battery should reduce the cost of the vehicle. The expected prices start at 16,000 euros and go up to 29,000 euros for a motorhome version. Yes, the hippie bus is also being considered!