Electric shock collar for dogs banned from next year

From 1 January next year, dog owners will no longer be allowed to use electric shock neck straps on their dogs. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has announced that. Dogs can suffer pain, hurt, or experience stress due to these devices. Using these types of collars can permanently affect the relationship of trust between owner and dog.

Demissionary Minister Schouten has wanted a ban on collars for a long time and it was planned that that would start as early as July 1, 2020, but its treatment by the House of Representatives took longer than planned. Initially, stricter rules were looked at, but after scientific research into the suffering in dogs, Schouten decided to make a total ban.

The ministry writes that even if the collar is unfinished, the dogs can still react anxiously or aggressively. They can recognize the device and still get stressed by it. Experts have also wanted the collars to be banned for a long time.

The ban on the electric shock collar for dogs can be checked by the police, animal protection and the NVWA. Violation of it is a crime.