Elementallis meets target on Kickstarter by nearly 200%

Spanish game designer Ivan Ruiz Lozano took out his new project on Kickstarter. He started work on a retro adventure with a top-view Elementallis in 2019, and he considers the work as his love letter to classic games in which he played as a child: in particular, the series Zelda. The basis of Elementallis will be the interaction and opposition of natural elements.

We need to find them and restore them to save the world. And each of them is dedicated to a separate dungeon, there are eight of them.

In the dungeons we have to fight with opponents, solve puzzles and look for secrets. In this case, you can use the already assembled elements.

Each enemy has its own weaknesses, and they must be discovered and used to win. For success, the creator of Elementallis needed about $22 thousand.

And at the moment it is done by 194%. The campaign finals are 24 days away.

And the game should be released on RS and consoles, but it does not have a release date. More on CCeit Virtual Victory Parade held in War Thunder Resident Evil Village dominates all in the fresh chart Steam media: Call of Duty Warzone will add not only Rambo, but also Strong Noot.