Elizabeth met 12 of last US presidents

No head of state in the world has met as many American presidents as the British Queen Elizabeth. Of the last thirteen residents of the White House, she has hit as many as twelve personally and number fourteen, Joe Biden, can make his appearance at the Queen this summer.


fact that Queen Elizabeth (94) has had to deal with so many presidents is, of course, due to her exceptionally long reign. At the beginning of February, she sits 69 years on the throne, and preparations for the celebration of her 70th anniversary of the government have already begun cautiously.

When Elizabeth succeeded her father in 1952, Harry S. Truman was President of the United States. He took office in 1945 after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Elizabeth met Truman in 1951 at the White House, when she wasnt a queen herself. The first American leader she met as head of state was Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Given the special relationship with the United States, particularly stressed by the British, it was ensured during each term that the princes received the new president or visited him in Washington. Donald Trump received his invitation to a state visit in 2017 a week after his installation by then Prime Minister Theresa May. It led to many protests and eventually to a postponement, although Trump eventually came to visit.

The only American president missing from the Queens list is Lyndon B. Johnson, who succeeded the murdered John F. Kennedy in 1963 and then was elected for one term. Why he hasnt been to London is not clear. Kennedy had been received at Buckingham Palace in 1961.

The Queen has the opportunity to meet the new President Joe Biden when he comes to Cornwall in June for the G7, the summit held in Carbis Bay under Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Also within the then applicable corona measures, every effort will be made to ensure that Elizabeth and Biden can interact in one form or another. After all, they were both vaccinated against the coronavirus.