Elizabeth must rest, palace shares photos smiling Queen

Queen Elizabeth will not be present at the reception of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow next week. The 95-year-old Queen of the UK has been advised by her doctors to take a rest.

Buckingham Palace sources say its as a precaution, but the opt-out raises questions about the monarchs health. Recently, doctors urged Elizabeth, who is known for her great work ethic, to take it easy.

It started a week ago. Then it became clear that Elizabeth would not be present at an important ceremony in Northern Irelands Armagh. โ€œThe Queen has reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest in the coming days,โ€ said the palaces statement.

A day later it turned out that the complaints were so serious that Elizabeth had spent a night in a London hospital. It turned out to be her first overnight stay in the hospital in eight years. But Buckingham Palace didnt come out with the news until British tabloids revealed the short shot.

Official occasions with (grand) kids

Shortly after Armaghs cancellation, another remarkable announcement followed. Earlier this week it was announced that Elizabeth will be accompanied by her children or grandchildren on official occasions. They can then step in, if the queen suddenly falls out. And now the cancellation of the Scotland climate summit.


the meantime, spokesmen for the palace seem to want to dispel doubts about unfortunate health as much as possible. Earlier today, the official Twitter channel of Buckingham Palace shared two photos of The Queen at work.

From Windsor Castle, image of a smiling monarch was shared in a video meeting. Shortly thereafter, a small report of a work visit by two diplomats followed. โ€œGood to see she laughs and work again!โ€ , the comments on Twitter were ringing.

How things are really going with the monarch remains largely a matter of councils. Palace spokesmen usually only bring out information. Sources around the Monarch are said to have told The Sunday Times that she would be shaky. Staying up long to watch television would no longer be combined with her social obligations and busy schedule. And then theres the loss of her husband Prince Philip earlier this year.

At least there is no mention of resignation in the British press. That is because Elizabeth sees her task as God-given and does not think frivolously about her function. Next year, the monarch will be celebrating her platinum anniversary, or her 70th anniversary. Quitting now, reporters reasoning, would be highly illogical.