Elizabeth Olsen opened up about horrific trial for Daenerys role

Elizabeth Olsen said she auditioned for the role of Daenerys from Game of Thrones, but the result came out โ€œhorrendousโ€ . According to the actress, the audition was held in a small room in New York and she was just reading an excerpt of the script on camera. This was the moment from the season one finale when Daenerys comes out of the fire and gives a speech.

Olsen noted that the result was simply โ€œterrible,โ€ though he did not specify exactly what was caused such a result is the discrepancy of the role for the actress or other factors. Apparently, the result didn‘t impress the assistant head of casting, as Olsen didn’t even get called back about the play.

By the way, not too long ago, another spin-off of the main series called โ€œ10,000 shipsโ€ was circled by a scriptwriter. And the creators of Dragon House showed the first footage of the project.

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