Ellen DeGeneres fires three producers after commotion about unsafe working atmosphere

Warner Bros made it through the production team of the American talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show after employees criticized the unsafe working atmosphere behind the scenes. Three producers who had been with the team since the start of the talk show in 2003 were sent out of the avenue, reports Variety.

In a video conference some 200 employees heard the news from presenter Ellen DeGeneres, who was very emotional and apologized several times. She would have told the staff that she was “not perfect” and that not enough account had been taken of the people behind the scenes.

The leadership of the program has been under fire for weeks, because there is said to be systematic racism, (sexual) harassment and a sick atmosphere. DeGeneres called the accusations heartbreaking.

employees, this showed that there is no evidence of systematic racism. It did, however, appear that more steps need to be taken in the area of diversity and inclusiveness. DeGeneres announced that workshops will be planned for everyone.