Elon Musk: headphones can go, chip in your brain to listen to music

Your headphones can go in the trash if Elon Musks Neuralink brain implant works.

Billionaire entrepreneur Musk announces on Twitter that he plans to make a chip that makes it possible to listen to music directly in the brain via streaming.

“If we implement Neuralink, will we be able to listen to music directly with our chips? Great function”, wrote the computer scientist, Austin Howard, in response to Musks Tweet.

The chip has to be connected to your brain with very fine wires. According to The Independent, you can not only be updated wirelessly, but also via a USB connection. With the implant you can control computers with your thoughts.

Earlier, Musk claimed that Neuralink could cure depression and addiction. He wrote on Twitter when someone asked if it could be used to re-train the part of the brain responsible for causing addiction or depression.

Elon Musk says he will come with more information on 28 August. Earlier he suggested that your hormone balance can be influenced with the Neuralink. It could also help people suffering from Parkinsons disease.