Elusive goals, Santa, Hokkaido: the creators of Hitman 3 talked about winter

IOI Studio is preparing for the start of the second season in Hitman 3. New content will be available for players starting January 20, 2022. In the meantime, the developers are summing up the Seven Deadly Sins season and talking about what will happen to Agent 47 during the winter holidays.

However, the main ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year is already well known. Starting today, access to the special Holiday Hoarders mission, which first appeared in the game in 2016.

The reward for completing the game will be the Santa 47 costume, and the mission itself is available for free for everyone throughout December. Starting December 21, players will be offered another themed selection of recommended contracts : three festive missions and supervised contracts on the theme of โ€œWinter Madnessโ€.

In addition, Hitman 3 debuts the Hokkaido Snow Festival and is open to all game owners. Free players will be given a new location in rotation, this time Dubai.

It is available until December 5. Challenge progression, location skill, and item unlocks in the Free Starter Pack will not be activated, but will be transferred to the main game when you purchase it.

More developers return to the game all the elusive goals of Hitman 3. The Careerist will return to Dubai from December 3, followed by a new goal every Friday until January 19.

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