‘Embolo flight after illegal coronaffeestje via roof and is found in bathtub’

In Germany, there has been a fuss around Breel Embolo. According to the police in Essen, the striker of Borussia Mรถnchengladbach violated the coronare rules by celebrating in the city with 23 other people. Embolo and Gladbach deny this story in all the keys.

The police from Essen are sure of their case: according to a statement, agents saw Embolo climbing over the roof of the cafรฉ where the party took place. The Swiss would then have fled into an adjacent apartment. When the cops invaded the apartment in question, they found Embolo on his own. The German BILD even states that the Swiss striker hid in a bathtub.
Embolo claims to have nothing to do with the party. Gladbachs press spokesman, Markus Aretz, leaves in the middle whether Embolo is involved. โ€œSo far it is still a matter of speculation,โ€ says Aretz in conversation with BILD. The striker was not fined after the police entered the apartment. Whether he can expect a punishment is still uncertain. There has been an indictment against the 38-fold international.
Meanwhile, Embolo is training again at Gladbach, after testing negative for the coronavirus. On Tuesday, trainer Marco Rose did not include him in the selection for the duel with Werder Bremen because of all the commotion. However, there is a chance that Embolo will be back against Borussia Dortmund on Friday.