Emergency order in Groningen after riots with German supporters

In the centre of Groningen, German and Groningen football supporters joined forces. Among other things, tables and chairs were thrown at each other. A total of several dozen supporters were involved.

The municipality of Groningen said earlier this week that supporters of Arminia Bielefeld were not welcome at tomorrow’s match against FC Groningen. RTV Noord reported that because of the expected riots at 00.00 hours an emergency order would take effect. The municipality has brought that forward.

The police are now looking for the German group to make it clear that the emergency order is already in force. The police will also tell the supporters to get out of town. If they don’t, they will be arrested.

Terrace destroyed

The owner of a restaurant saw it all happening on his doorstep. To RTV Noord he says: “We heard some shouting in the street and I went outside to have a look. Then I saw tables and bicycles flying through the air. We quickly went inside. It was actually over pretty quickly. It did scare me.” The damage is considerable. “My terrace is broken, I still have one whole table. Next door, a chair leg went through the window.”

This video shows that things got out of hand: