Emergency order proclaimed for the whole city of Apeldoorn

Mayor of Apeldoorn Ton Heerts has issued an emergency order and so-called designation order for the entire city of Apeldoorn. This means that the police can search on all access roads to Apeldoorn and in the city, reports the municipality. Also, people who have no valid reason to be in the city can be stopped or expelled.

The emergency warrant was issued at 10.15 a.m. Sunday. The congregation will later announce how long it will remain in force.

On social media people are called on Sunday as a protest against the corona measures to drink coffee on the Swiss terrain in Apeldoorn. There would also be sounds to collect on the Market Square. Last Sunday, similar protests in Eindhoven and Amsterdam got out of hand.

Heerts said earlier that he would not want to ban โ€œcoffee drinkingโ€ on the Swiss territory, because demonstrating is a fundamental right in the Netherlands. However, he introduced an emergency regulation and a designation decision, which gives the police more powers to detain and search people. That regulation applies to the Swiss site, the town of Apeldoorn and the area around the NS station and started on Saturday at 9 p.m. and applies until Monday 4.30 a.m.

On Sunday, the municipality states that the emergency order and the amended designation order are complementary to that. Why the municipality has decided to come with an emergency order for the entire built-up area for the city of Apeldoorn, a spokesman does not want to say.

Around 12.30 p.m., according to him, it was quiet in the city of Gelderland. The police of Gelderland will tweet about the emergency order on Sunday: โ€œThe municipality of Apeldoorn has issued an emergency order. That means we can send people away,โ€ said the police, who also added the hashtag #houhetrustig.