Emergency situation in Brazilian Amazon due to new corona variant

Doctors in the city of Manaus in the Brazilian Amazon have to choose who to put on respiration due to a shortage of oxygen bottles. A plane of the Air Force has therefore flown to the isolated city with 6000 liters of oxygen on board to distribute among the hospitals. The army has also been deployed to assist in the hospitals.

People stand in line with private companies that still sell oxygen:

The situation in Manaus, with over 2 million inhabitants, has been pressing for some time. A new corona variant has emerged in the region, causing many infections to occur quickly.


Because the city is isolated, aid is slowly getting started. In addition to the shortage of oxygen bottles, there is also a shortage of beds. New patients can no longer be admitted.

โ€œ Meanwhile, there are people waiting in the cemetery to bury their relatives,โ€ said correspondent Nina Jurna in News and Co on NPO Radio 1.

Meanwhile, a curfew has been announced from 19:00 to 06:00.