Emergency staff Naples ravaged by Mafia: forbidden to hit the sirens

In Naples, ambulance workers are forced by the Mafia to stop using flashing lights and sirens during their shifts. Since these signals are similar to those of the police, the criminals sometimes want to be confused by a passing ambulance car.

The annoyance of the gangsters has been so high that two gang members threatened to kill an ambulance driver because of his howling siren. The duo would have forced the ambulance to stop on Saturday when the car was on its way to an emergency somewhere in the city.

Undo or we shoot you

The sirens would be perceived as very obstructive by drug dealers and would have a deterrent effect on customers. And so local gangs think the size is full now. Driving on a large engine, the two criminals flanked the ambulance truck and started ramming on the door. , Have you not understood that you are not allowed to use a siren here? Undo or we shoot you downโ€, the warning of one of the two would have sound.

After the incident, the terrified paramedic called the police, escorting him to a safer area. The phenomenon turns out to be not an incident. Similar things happen in other Neapolitan neighborhoods, says doctor and head of local Nessuno Tocchi Ippocrate, a group that is dedicated to the safety of ambulance staff, Manuel Ruggiero to The Times. ,, Weve already been ordered by the mafia in other neighborhoods to take out the sirens. So the local ambulance does not turn him on until he has left the district.โ€

100 attacks a year


The paramedics dont just have to deal with violent actions from a criminal point of view. After Saturdays incident, the car arrived late to a patient with heart problems. It resulted in an angry and violent reaction in the family of the deceased patient.

Over the last three years, 300 cases of aggression towards ambulance workers have been confirmed in Naples. In addition, only 17 ambulances are available in the city for nearly 1 million Neapolitans.