Emergency Ukraine: COVID patients housed in tents

In the western Ukrainian town of Bogorodtshani, which has more than 8000 inhabitants, an emergency has arisen as a result of the coronavirus. There is no room in the hospital for new COVID patients. The population protection service has therefore set up a tent camp in the snow next to the clinic with 120 beds.

The region where Bogorodtsjani is located, not far from the border with Poland and Romania, among others, has for two weeks the highest number of new infections in Ukraine. The cause is unclear. In order to determine the virus strain, samples should be sent to a WHO laboratory in Germany.


Ukraine, where new corona infections and hospitalizations have been declining since December, has not yet begun vaccination despite the commitments. Public Health Minister Maksim Stepanov has therefore flown to India to collect the first 500,000 doses.

Since March last year, Kiev has registered 1.3 million coronavirus infections. More than 25,000 people have died of the disease.