Emma Stone dismisses rumours of Gwen Staceys appearance in new Spider-Man

Emma Stone said that rumors about her return to the role of Gwen Stacey in Marvel‘s new โ€œSpider-Manโ€ is not true. The actress at the beginning noted that she is not sure about whether to raise but, as far as she knows, she is not involved in the project. In addition, Stone said that initially she was attracted to the role in the film Andrew Garfield, whom she considered excellent by an entertainer.

But the responsibility for a major franchise, rather, on the contrary, its hardship. Rumors about Stone’s return jumped after numerous news about the return of the playade of actors from the past โ€œSpiders & raquo; in a new movie starring Tom Holland.

Since one of the first it touched Jamie Foxx and his version of Electro, as well as Spider played by Andrew Garfield, many immediately thought about the character Stone. So far almost all the actors continue deny your participation in the film, where they must present a full-fledged spider multiverse.

Only Alfred Molina distinguished himself, who in the open confirmed his return, than surely upset bosses in Marvel. The premiere of the new tape about Spider-Man is scheduled for December 17.

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