Emotional Re-just in front of the camera: โ€œMaking such a terrible mistake…โ€

Jong Ajax lost Tuesday night after a crazy final phase of FC Volendam. The Amsterdammers entered the injury time of the race with a 1-2 head start, but eventually lost with 3-2. Youri Regeer was the schlemile on Ajax side: he made the mistake of winning Volendam.

Regeer left the field in tears after the last whistle, but then reports in front of ESPN‘s camera. โ€œYes, I’m making a mistake… That‘s where the 3-2 comes out. That’s personal, a very stupid mistake,โ€ begins the Jong Ajax captain.
Reg says he didn‘t apologize afterwards in the locker room. When asked what he said to his teammates, he is clear. โ€œNothing really. I guess it wasn’t necessary either. Everyone knew it was my fault. It‘s gonna have to get through, but I know damn well it’s my fault. You give it away. 2-2 can happen, but then make such a terrible mistake in the last few seconds. That ball just needs to move forwardโ€, he closes.