Empire of Sin fell short of Paradoxs expectations

Paradox presented a fresh quarterly report, in which she talked about the record figures for the calendar year 2020. Operating profit rose 33% to $76 million, and during the year the publisher invested about $73. 9 million in game production โ€” a 45% increase from a year earlier.

The monthly number of active players now stands at 5 million people, and Paradox accounts have made 18 million users. The company did not specify the performance of each particular game, but reported that Empire of Sin from John and Brenda Romeros studio did not meet expectations โ€” neither sales nor reviews players, neither in the final quality.

The game has 44 to 67 points on Metacritic. In addition, recently the company canceled some unannounced project, and also announced the transfer of Vampire: The Masquerade โ€” Bloodlines 2 for an indefinite period and a change of team developers.

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