Employee bicycle parking Purmerend heavily torn

An employee of the bicycle shed at the NS station in Purmerend was found badly damaged in his office.

The man was on duty until 7pm Friday evening and was found Saturday morning with significant injury to his face, reports the police. The heavily hypothermized victim was taken to the hospital. According to a police spokesman, the man has probably been there for a long time. โ€œWhat happened, we dont know yet. He is not approachable and has significant facial injuries.โ€

The police have been investigating the parking lot on the Beatrixplein all Saturday, but for the moment it is not clear what happened.

The police have done trace research and conducted a neighborhood investigation, but they are happy to get in touch with people who may have noticed something or made camera footage around the bicycle shed between Friday evening 19.00 and Saturday morning 08.30 a.m.