Employee Doctors Without Borders murdered in Syrian camp Al-Hol

Last month, an employee of Médecins sans Frontières (AZG) was killed in the Syrian refugee camp Al-Hol. The medical aid organization does not release the identity and nationality of the victim. The circumstances under which the employee was killed in his or her tent on a day off are investigated.

Doctors Sans Frontières points to the very tense and dangerous conditions in the camp, where many (old) supporters of the Islamic State are housed, including Dutch people. Two out of three camp residents are children.

At the end of last month, a young child of an employee of AZG died in a fire, three other employees were hospitalized with burns.

The situation is deteriorating rapidly, according to the organisation: 30 people have already been murdered since January. Most of the victims are killed by gun violence or by knife stabbing. Women and children are also accidental gunshot wounds in a gunfight between camp residents.

No longer treat in tent

After the death of the employee, Médecins sans Frontières decided, because of the risks, to stop providing medical assistance in the tents of the residents, but to work only in the clinic of the camp.

Al-Hol is located in Kurdish Syria and is under the supervision of the Kurdish authorities. They have repeatedly asked the international community to bring the foreign prisoners from the camp back to their country of origin. Médecins sans Frontières also emphasises that the living conditions in Al-Hol are unacceptable and that the world must take its responsibility.