Employees in the metal sector lay down work

Employees in the metal sector start their relay tests on Thursday. According to trade unions, thousands of people across the country will be dismantling, including chip machine manufacturer ASML and truck builder DAF. The aircraft parts manufacturer Fokker, stair builder ThyssenKrupp and the shipyards of IHC and Damen are also stopped.

It is planned that all actions last at least 24 hours. For some companies, this first round of strike will be stopped for two days. FNV driver Petra Bolster hopes to temporarily shut down the production of companies in order to send out a strong signal.

The employees are angry at the attitude of the employers‘ organisation FME in the negotiations on a new collective agreement for the so-called metal ektro, also known as the large metal metal. That’s one of the largest branches in the country. Under the collective agreement there are 160,000 people.

In the metal sector, there have been more frequent strikes in recent years, with actions being carried out by a large number of companies. This time all strikes are therefore coronaproof organized. Strikers are called upon to register in a special โ€œcease-streetโ€, through which they can drive by car.