Employers and trade union: do not cancel emergency aid

Don‘t dismantle the emergency support. This is the appeal that trade union FNV and employers organisation VNO-NCW make to the cabinet.

As of today, employers who are in trouble can rely on the third round of wage support, NOW 3. The scheme has changed compared to previous rounds: employers have more room to dismiss people, at the same time the maximum compensation is reduced. It is planned that the compensation will gradually decrease further next year.

FNV and VNO-NCW now warn in De Cceit that because of this phasing out many companies will get into deeper problems. โ€œIt‘s hard to estimate how high the need is now,โ€ says Zakaria Boufangacha of FNV to DeccEit. โ€œWhen the Cabinet decided to slow down the package from October, it assumed that the worst of the pandemic was over. Unfortunately, that is not the case.โ€

1500 euros for everyone without work

According to Boufangacha, the after-nautical effects of the second wave are severe in some sectors. โ€œIf you continue to cut off, and you get into a worse situation or possibly a third wave, you will see that there will be a lot more redundancies and more people will be out of work.โ€

He wants the cabinet to support flexworkers and self-employed workers more. โ€œMany of them are now falling back to the social minimum. We believe that the cabinet should, for example, come up with a crisis income.โ€ That is to say: temporarily EUR 1500 for those who run out of work, regardless of their situation.

In conversation with Cabinet

โ€œ We have also always agreed with the Cabinet to review the package again if the situation so requires,โ€ says Edwin van Scherrenburg of VNO-NCW to DeccEit. On behalf of employers, the organization is currently talking to the Cabinet to reverse the discontinued of support. โ€œAfter all, we are in the second wave with a partial lockdown and lots of hard hit sectors.โ€

Van Scherrenburg won’t say how those conversations go. โ€œWe cannot anticipate the progress as we are still talking about this with the Cabinet.โ€

Van Scherrenburg fears that the aid that remains is too little and puts businesses into unnecessarily trouble. โ€œThe reserves of many companies have now fallen to zero, and we have to prevent healthy businesses from falling down at the core due to all government measures.โ€