Employers want corona pass ‘as a last resort’ in law

The corona access certificate must remain as a last resort to keep companies open should the virus flare up again. This is what employers organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland argue.

A draft version of the new permanent corona law lacks the corona access certificate (CTB). More and more political parties were against redeploying the pass.

But thats against the sore leg of many entrepreneurs. They want to prevent the economy from locking down again in the event of a new wave of corona. We prefer that the CTB does not have to be deployed at all, but if companies were to close without the CTB, the CTB could be a last resort, said a spokesperson for the employers organizations.

VNO-NCW and MBK-Nederland point out that entrepreneurs will do everything they can to set up their companies in a safe and responsible way for customers and employees. The corona pass can help with this, they say.

Social resistance

The corona admission ticket has not been used in the Netherlands since February. People were able to demonstrate with the QR code that they had been tested, vaccinated or just recovered from corona. The social resistance was great.