End: EA cancelled Anthem relaunch

EA made the decision to cancel the relaunch of Anthem, which a small team at BioWare had been working on since 2019. The publisher decided to focus on the development of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The servers of the current version will continue to work.

According to Anthem executive producer Christian Daley, the decision was made on the basis of two key factors โ€” complexities due to the global pandemic and the desire to focus on others studio projects. โ€œMaking games is difficult, as it is to make decisions like this.

Henceforth we need to focus our efforts as a studio and improve the following Dragon Age and Mass Effect, while continuing to develop Star Wars: The Old Republic qualitativelyโ€ . Restarting Anthem, also known as Anthem 2.

0 or Anthem Next, was BioWare‘s attempt to fundamentally remake the original โ€” improve the job structure, gear system, loot, endgame, rewards and more another. As EA’s head of internal studios Laura Mealy points out, Anthem was โ€œcreatively risky,โ€ and she taught developers a lot โ€” especially in terms of production planning.

Notably, EA planned to support Anthem for 10 years. More on Gambling Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, inspired by Jet Set Radio, postponed to 2022 Tactical Fighting Fights in Tight Spaces is out in early access of the Third โ€œSpider-Manโ€ ; named โ€œNo Way Homeโ€.