End fires Colorado in sight, ‘New Year wonder there are no dead’

Colorado authorities are hopeful that the fires northwest of Denver are over. The wind has gone down, the fire is largely under control and snow is coming.

At least seven people were injured. No one is missing. โ€œIt would be a New Years miracle if the loss of life remains zero,โ€ Gov. Jared Polis said.

The fires broke out on Thursday, presumably due to loose power cables. Fueled by the strong winds with outliers of up to 170 kilometers per hour, the fire spread at lightning speed across an area of 24 square kilometers.

Thousands of people were ordered to leave immediately. Meanwhile, people are returning again:

In particular, the towns of Louisville and Superior have been hit hard. Hundreds and possibly more than a thousand houses, shops and business premises burned to the ground.

Everyone was able to get away on time. The question is what they find if they are allowed to return: of some neighborhoods, only โ€œsmoking holes remain in the ground,โ€ said a sheriff.