“End of marriage Kim and Kanye is near, quit marriage therapy.”

According to sources Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would definitely have stopped marital therapy and their togethering seems to come to an end. Although the two would still love each other very much, they simply no longer see a way out, says People.

Kanye met with his lawyers this week to manage the divorce. They both don‘t want to make a fight divorce out of it because of their four children. They have done everything they can to make their marriage a success, but it simply is no longer possible, says a source.

Kim and Kanye adored each other and their family life, but have grown apart. Kim has become a lot more independent and is dipping her own bits. She wants to live with the children in Los Angeles, close to her family, to give them a structured life. Kanye has other ideals that no longer match Kim’s. They are very sad about their breakup, but both realize that they are better off without each other.