Endzone — A World Apart left early access

Publishing house Assemble Entertainment and its in-house studio Gentlymad announced the release of Endzone — A World Apart. Post-apocalyptic urban simulator is available on Steam and GOOG after a successful stay in early access. Those wishing to buy the game can do this with a generous discount of 35%.

The standard edition will cost 454 rubles, and for 551 rubles you can join the Save the World initiative: for each purchased copy of a special edition, the publishing house pays for landing one Wood. The creators of Endzone announced that sales of Save The World in January and February 2021 alone guaranteed the planting of 1395 trees in Malawi.

And in cooperation with the organization One Tree Planned developers have already planted 41,707 trees around the world. EndZone – A World Apart receives very positive feedback from players .

The creators are happy with sales: during early access, 150 thousand copies of the game were bought. During the test access, 11 major updates were released.

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