Endzone โ€” A World Apart to release massive Prosperity update

In March, Assemble Entertainment and Studio Gentlymad released the post-apocalyptic urban planning simulator Endzone โ€” A World Apart from early access. And now announced the first addition to it: Prosperity. The addition focuses on the late stages of the game: if the first settlers fought for survival, then their descendants can already enjoy the relative prosperity.

People began to look to the future not with fear, but with hope and optimism, and there is an age of new inventions and great expectations. A new era is coming into play, and there will be new resources at our disposal: soap and coffee will make life better, and sand, concrete and cement will allow for improved designs.

The needs of residents are getting higher and more complex, and new technologies and buildings will help them: concrete plants, water farms, and more. a bright future of settlers, it will be possible in autumn.

The add-on can already be added to your wish list. By the way, Steam and GOOG have already sold more than 250,000 copies of the game.

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