Energy surcharge for minimums possible this year from 800 to 1300 euro

The cabinet will enter into discussions with the municipalities in the short term to do something extra this year for the purchasing power of people with a low income. Prime Minister Rutte said in the House of Representatives that in addition to the 800 euros they can already receive due to the high energy costs, they can get another 500 euros added once.

The VNG, the Dutch Municipalities Association, announced today that it is possible to pay more purchasing power support this year. They are already charged with paying out the 800 euros. If the cabinet makes money available, the municipalities think that they can also pay the extra 500 euros to the same group this year.

The cabinet didnt really want to see what is possible until August, but will now hurry with the discussions with the VNG.

It concerns a limited group of around 1 million people who could get the 500 euros extra. They have an income of up to 120 percent of the social minimum.

The House of Representatives wanted purchasing power support for more people, for example for everyone who also receives care allowance. Thats about 4.5 million people. But according to the cabinet, this is not feasible. โ€œIn this way, we irresponsibly ask a lot from our public service providers,โ€ Rutte said in the debate.

Implementing authorities such as the Tax Authorities and the municipalities can no longer handle all kinds of new regulations this year, Rutte argued. More is possible for 2023, and the cabinet wants to return to that with Prinsjesdag.

โ€œThick middle fingerโ€

According to PVV leader Geert Wilders, the cabinet thus raises โ€œa big middle fingerโ€ to the people who can no longer pay their bills. According to Jesse Klaver of GroenLinks, Rutte is hiding behind the implementation problems and there is a lack of political will to do anything.

SP leader Lilian Marijnissen pointed out that everything was quickly settled when large companies had to be rescued. โ€œAnd now nothing can happen.โ€ Together with Wilders, she served a no-confidence motion against the cabinet, but it does not get a majority. The opposition parties maintain that the cabinet is doing too little to compensate for inflation.

Something is better than nothing

The coalition parties are a lot more enthusiastic. D66 MP Steven van Weyenberg called the VNGs offer โ€œnot ideal, but a stepโ€. โ€œSomething is better than nothing,โ€ said Christenunie leader Gert-Jan Segers.

Prime Minister Rutte warned that it may not be possible to pay everyone from the target group the gift of 500 euros before December 31.