Engaged after listler debate: Jesse Clover in the fog with Kuman equation

Jesse Klaver is the jumper of the day on social media on Sunday night. During the list leader debate at RTL, the Green Left foreman reinforces one of his positions with an example from the football world: with a role for Ronald Koeman at the European Championships…

A mistake is of course made quickly. Nevertheless, the gloating on social media is great.

Watch #rtldebat for two minutes. Wilders wants Zwarte Piet as minister, and Clover thinks Ronald Koeman is a federal coach. So that‘s the level.
— Willem Vissers (@vkwillemvissers) February 28, 2021

@jesseklaver just had a scoop. Ronald Koeman is our national coach at the European Championships this summer. Surprising night. #RTLdebat
— Lars (@larsko6) February 28, 2021

Ronald Koeman? Jeez, Jesse Clover Tochðÿ˜‚ðÿ˜, #RTLdebat
— Petra Beks (@PetraMentink) February 28, 2021

Jesse Klaver talking about Ronald Koeman as a federal coach. He’s going to say he‘s hoping Arie van Tiggelen or Berry will make Aelle the winning goal at the European Championships. #RTLdebat pic.twitter.com/IC152WMYIB
— Frank Beenen (@MrFrankLegs) February 28, 2021

Ronald Koeman says Jesse Clover #RTLdebat pic.twitter.com/Pakyfzg2qr
— Gas stick (@zesdewethouder) February 28, 2021

Agree with Jesse Klaver on this point, but Ronald Koeman is no longer a coach for a long time, so he can hardly create a diverse lineup፦) #RTLdebat
— David Bremmer (@DavidBremmer) February 28, 2021

Would Jesse Klaver know that Ronald koeman is now coach of Barcelona? Maybe he can fly over there if there’s an audience at the games again. #RTLdebat
— Marc Wassink (@Wassink73) February 28, 2021