England continues to kneel after calling: ‘We are all very disappointed’

Englands players will also kneel during the matches at the European Championships to make a statement against racism. The Three Lions do not let themselves out of the field by negative reactions, emphasises coach Gareth Southgate.
The English team was treated on Wednesday prior to the practice interland against Austria (1-0) to a bow call in Middlesbrough. As a result, Southgate spoke to his players about the issue. โ€œWe are all very disappointed that this has happened. The people who decided to call boo should move themselves into these young players and how that feels for them. If that had been their children, how would they feel that they would be in such a situation?โ€
โ€œWe are more determined than ever to continue kneeling during the tournament,โ€ emphasises Southgate. England is still practicing against Romania on Sunday. Croatia will be the first European opponent on June 13. Afterwards, duels with Scotland and the Czech Republic await.