England Eliminates Germany

England will be playing the European Championship quarterfinals against Sweden or Ukraine this Saturday. After an explosive final phase, Germany was eliminated and all teams from the Pool des Doods were eliminated: 2-0.
The football audience was spoiled with the top matches Croatia – Spain and France – Switzerland on Monday, but had to wait a long time for spectacle at England – Germany. Both teams refused to take too much risk and eyed static and waiting.
The first big chance of the match was Sterling, but was excellently defused by German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. And on the other hand, Jordan Pickford repeated that at a Timo Werner bet. The fact that both England and Germany put little risk into play resulted in a tame and moderate first half. It wasn‘t until the rest that the audience won by a great chance from Harry Kane, but at the last minute Thomas Müller worked the ball away just before the line.
The game was still in the final phase what they had hoped for beforehand. After rest, Kai Havertz spoke first, but after he had an opportunity, little happened for a long time. Up to twenty minutes before time. English coach Gareth Soutgate brought the acclaim Jack Grealish for Bukayo Saka, after which Raheem Sterling broke the ban for England. The Manchester City attacker passed Neuer up close after Luke Shaw predicted the ball perfectly.
Thomas Müller, whose international career was revived just before the European Championship, will sleep less well in the coming days. With eight minutes left on the clock, he was given the opportunity to level Germany, but he failed in a promising position eye-in-eye with Pickford. It was the only chance Germany had in the second half.
Shortly after Müller’
s miss, England handed out the final neckstroke. The Grealish introduced was the criticised Kane, who ecstasy the English fans and gave England a place in the quarterfinals.