England punished for misconduct supporters during EC final

England must play the first home game under the UEFA flag without an audience. UEFA decided that after the misconduct of some supporters was investigated during the EC final. In addition to the competition without an audience, the FA, the English Football Association, also has to pay a hefty fine.
โ€œWe are disappointed with the verdict, but we acknowledge the outcome,โ€ the FA writes on its own website about the sanction imposed. We condemn the terrible behavior of the people responsible for the cheek drag in and around Wembley and we are very sorry that some of them were able to enter the stadium.โ€
The FA further states that this will never happen again. During the EC final, British hooligans stormed the Wembley stadium in London. There also seemed to be more people in the stadium than they were allowed and fans blocked the stairs. The fine the FA receives is 100,000 euros. As the World Cup qualifiers are played under the flag of FIFA, the next Nations League game in England will be played without an audience.