English churches transformed into puncture centers

Several churches in England are used as puncture centres. In the cathedral in Lichfield in northern England the first people were vaccinated on Friday, and on Saturday the cathedral in Salisbury in the south of England was transformed into a bulletin post. In most regions, church services are only kept online so that the buildings are empty.

Michael Fabricant from Lichfield, on behalf of Conservatives in the British Parliament, previously described the church on Twitter as โ€œBritain‘s most glamorous vaccination centre.โ€ One representative of the church said, โ€œI hope it’s a symbol of how churches can work together to help spread this amazing vaccine.โ€

The vaccine from the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, already approved in Great Britain, can be transported and stored at refrigerator temperatures, making it easier to use outside hospitals and specially equipped vaccination centers. In pharmacies and general practitioners, vaccinations are already taking place.