English village riot leads to hilarity on social media

Images of a village meeting that has gone out of control are shared by many British people on social media. The Zoom meeting in Handforth was led by a newcomer, Jacky Weaver, who had been asked because it was previously found that holding an orderly meeting was difficult for the village representatives, writes The Guardian.

Her leading role as a clerk was far from being respected by everyone, as soon became clear. After Weaver told everyone to let each other speak, and she would intervene otherwise, President Brian Tolver declared the whole meeting illegal. โ€œYou have no authority here,โ€ he said.

Then Weaver removed him from the ZOOM meeting:

Then there was protest from two supporters of the removed chairman. When Weaver started a vote to elect a new president, one of the two as Vice President already claimed to have the right to power. โ€œRead the rules and understand them,โ€ he shouted at her. Weaver also removed these two members from the meeting.

Britney Spears

There was also confusion about the user name of the deleted President Tolver. He had called himself clerk to the council in Zoom, the role Weaver had, not him. Weaver didn‘t seem to get hot or cold. โ€œI can’t stop him from calling himself that, so from now on you can call me Britney Spears.โ€

The video spread quickly on social media and comments were regularly accompanied by the hashtag #justiceforweaver.

Some tweetters feel that the video shows a bigger problem: the still present sexism in the workplace.