Enlisted Open Testing Began

Gaijin announced the start of open beta testing of military shooter Enlisted. All owners of PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 can get acquainted with the game, if you want to use the opportunity of cross-platform games both between consoles and with the participation of PC. Access to the client of the game can be get through launcher Gaijin.

Net Agent. In the near future, developers have no plans to release Enlisted on Steam or other stores.

Within the framework of the OBT, players are available two campaigns: โ€œBattle for Moscowโ€ (1941-1942, USSR and Germany) and & laquo; Invasion of Normandyโ€ (1944, USA and Germany). In battle, you can send 12 classes of fighters, supplying them with dozens of firearms, using armored vehicles, aircraft and engineering constructions.

Before the start of open testing, achieved by participants in previous tests. And, as the developers promise, there will be no more global vipes.

In the meantime, the creators of the game have published statistics of closed beta testing. More on CCeit To the rhythmic adventure Unbeatable released a demo version In Vampire Clans you can extract the blood of virgins The Invincible according to the novel Stanislav Lem postponed for a year.