Enthralling spectacle in Spain: Villarreal and VAR keep Arsenal alive

On a visit to Villarreal, Arsenal kept the damage limited in the outbound match of the Europa League semi-finals. After an hour of playing, The Gunners were far behind and were in lower numbers, but because of a cheap penalty kick they still got a goal: 2-1.
Unai Emery, trainer of Villarreal and the unwritten king of the Europa League, knew how to hurt his old team. The Yellow Submarine kept the lines closed and waited for the mistakes that the London team would undoubtedly make. That happened after five minutes: Manu Trigueros could come in and found the short angle.
With that, the Spaniards had exactly what they wanted and Arsenal was awarded the ball. However, the formation of manager Mikel Arteta could not do much with it, played few chances together and gave off another goal to excess disaster for rest. There was very poorly covered at a corner and therefore Raรบl Albiol was able to enter the 2-0 at the second pole.

The route towards the final of the Europa League was particularly cloudy for The Gunners at that time and became even more difficult when Dani Ceballos picked up a red map. The Spanish midfielder was sent away with two yellow times and at that time nothing seemed to stand in the way of Villarreal towards the final battle. However, the referee decided otherwise: he saw a penalty kick in a diving party of Bukayo Saka, was not corrected by the VAR and Nicolas Pรฉpรฉ made it from the dot 2-1.

The crucial goal gave Arsenal courage and that feeling was strengthened when Etienne Capouรฉ of Villarreal made an oil-dumb offense. With yellow in his pocket, the Frenchman came far too hard and he received a justified second yellow card, after which the English opened the hunt for the equalizer. Despite a dot of an opportunity for substitute Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang did not come there anymore, but Arteta and his own will go to the return of next week with a nice starting position.