Enthusiast revealed how Resident Evil 7 can look with a classic camera

Enthusiast from Enveloping Sounds channel, with the help of several modifications, showed how Resident Evil 7 can look with a classic fixed camera in the style of the first trilogy. It turned out surprisingly great. If Capcom as a pleasant bonus added a similar mode to the seventh part, we think, fans would be in the seventh heaven with happiness.

Perhaps lucky with Resident Evil Village, and then hardly. Resident Evil 7 was released four years ago, on January 24, 2017.

Formally, it is the best-selling horror part of the series with a circulation of 8. 3 million copies, but in the total sales ranking of the franchise it is in fourth place – ahead of Resident Evil 5 (11.

9 million copies), & nbsp; Resident Evil 4 (10. 4 million) and Resident Evil 6 (9.

8 million) . At the same time the Resident Evil 2 remake also shows excellent results: in less than two years its circulation exceeded 7.

5 million copies – it sells faster than the seventh part. In the overall ranking of the series, he is now in fourth place just behind RE7.

By the way, the Enveloping Sounds channel has a fixed-camera video in RE2 and RE3 remakes. More on Gamomania Rumor: Resident Evil 7 will improve for PS5 and Xbox Series Dead Space 2 released exactly 10 years ago, January 25, 2011 Konami will โ€œdissolveโ€ its internal game studios.