Enthusiasts are already fixing Nier Replicants PC port problems

Last week, the updated NIER Replicant was released, which simultaneously came out on PC for the first time. On Steam, the game received mostly positive reviews from players and even topped the local sales chart. However, the PC port of Nier Replicant was not without some problems.

Players face low performance, constant mouse cursor appearance during cutscenes when playing with the controller and incorrect animations at frame rates above 60. Fortunately, on help players came enthusiasts from the modder community.

For example, the Special K framework allows you to get rid of the mouse cursor in cutscenes and โ€œstutteringโ€, set your own FPS limiter and disable vertical synchronization. A High modification FPS Fix fixes incorrect animations when playing with a frame rate above 60.

The modification also has known problems, including broken adjustment of the player‘s direction during slow walking, but the authors are already working to fix them. More on the Hood Gambling: Outlaws & Legends will receive support for reitreysing and DLSS โ€œLand of Nomadsโ€, โ€œFatherโ€, โ€œSoulโ€, โ€œMunkโ€ and not only โ€” Oscars 2021 winners Leak: Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection to be out on PS4, Xbox One and PC by early summer.