Enthusiasts create Bloodborne demake in the style of PS1 games

Developer Lilith Walter decided to imagine what Bloodborne looked like, whether it was a game not for the fourth, but for the first PlayStation. She is creating the Bloodborne PSX project and has been sharing information about it in her Twitter-account since early January, gradually posting new and new footage. And yes, the creation does not lose its complexity, so players will often have to see similar download screens after the death of the character.

This Bloodborne PSX dev thread starts with loading and a proper loading screen! Now that were hopping between levels I need to write a save and load system that passes data around for proper navigation pic. twitter.

com/MHHMC1OUUEโ€” Lilymeister โœจ๏ธโ€โšง๏ธ BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER (@b0tster) January 16, 2021In the work Lilith Walter is assisted by another specialist engaged in level design and texture creation.

Starting todays Bloodborne PSX dev thread with a blind playthrough of a new test level designed by @art_mino, who is doing all the textures and will be helping out with level design! Today we will be tackling player health/death pic.

twitter. com/9GCLG7MDIIโ€” Lilymeister โœจ๏ธโ€โšง๏ธ BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER (