Enthusiasts make the heir of “Corsairs” — with a plan to release it piecemeal

Young studio Mauris lit up with the idea of still releasing new Corsairs. More precisely, their spiritual heir with a similar name is Corsairs Legacy. According to the team leaders, before the start of production, they have sorted out all the key problems of previous attempts to make fresh Corsairs (as fourth from Akella ;, and Black Mark by Black Sun).

In fact, everything always rested on the budget – Corsairs combine several genres, each of which is complex and complex in itself. Therefore, Mauris decided to divide the project into three parts — land, sea and open world.

They will not be done in parallel, but consistently. Until the end of 2021, they want to release a role-playing part, where players will be able to appreciate land with modern graphics and updated mechanics.

During 2022 — sailing battles, and by the end of 2023 hope to finish with an open world. TrailerScreenShotsMore at Knockout City Gaming on the day of release will appear in EA Play on PlayStation, Xbox and PC In Dying Light 2 promise 3 levels of solutions — they affect the world or plot, but how? For Apex Legends presented Arena – its almost a separate game.