Entry Eurovision Song Contest Belarus denied

Belarus must change its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The song is too politically charged.

Richard of the Crommert

The organising broadcasting dome EBU informed the Belarusian broadcaster of this. The country will also be given the opportunity to submit a completely different song. If no adjustments are made, or there is no other song, the country will be disqualified this year.

Belarus wanted to participate in the festival this year with the song ‘Ya Nacuhu Tebya’ (translated into English: I‘ll Teach You’. by the group Galasy Zmesta. It‘s a song about how the dictator will โ€œteachโ€ you how to behave.

The Galasy Zmesta group publicly criticized on its website the protesters who doubted the election results and said that they cannot remain indifferent to those who are trying to break up the country.

The corresponding video clip of the Belarusian entry has now been taken offline.


In the last few days, the song has already caused a storm of protest. The song would glorify oppression and violence and come directly from President Lukashenko of Belarus. In fact, the song is a counter-sound to the many demonstrations that have taken place in Belarus in recent months. The demonstrations strongly question the outcome of last year’s presidential elections. Many countries, including the Netherlands, do not recognize the results. Lukashenko is called the last dictator in Europe.

Swedish Melodifestivalen has removed Belarus from their jury for next Saturday‘s national final. Belarus is replaced by a jury from the UK

Twelve years ago it was the last time that an entry was rejected for the Song Contest because of the political charge. Then Georgia wanted to send the song ‘We Don‘t Wanna Put In’ by the group 3G to the song event that then took place in Moscow. Even then the country was given the opportunity to change the song or to send in another song. Georgia then chose to withdraw.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held this year on 18, 20 and 22 May in the Netherlands. There are 40 countries involved. Initially, 41 countries were to participate, but Armenia withdrew on Friday 5 March 2021.