Epic Games chief wants to create store combining all stores

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, participated in a conference on the Fair Mobile App Ecosystem taking place in Seoul. And there he said in an interview about the need to create a single store that would work with all platforms. According to Sweeney, the ownership of the software is now divided between the App Store, Google Play, various stores for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, as well as Microsoft Store and Mac App Store.

So Epic is already working with developers and service providers to create a system that would allow users to buy software in one place, knowing that users will have it on all devices and platforms. In August, when the National Assembly of Korea passed the world‘s first amendment to the Telecommunications Business Act, prohibiting compulsory payments in applications by Google and Apple, he expressed support for the initiative by posting Now Sweeney reiterated his position, criticizing both Apple, which is waging a fierce judicial war, and Google, evaluating the corporation’s approach to charging fees on unprocessed payments as โ€œcrazyโ€ .

Apple combines billions of users into one store and payment system. Apple complies with harsh foreign laws that monitor users and deprive them of their political rights.

But Apple ignores the laws passed by the Korean democracy. Apple has to stop.

I am very proud to be standing with you against these monopolies. I‘m proud to support you and say I’m Korean.

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