Epic Games files antitrust complaint against Apple to European Union

Epic Games announced that it had filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Union. We are talking about the Directorate-General for Competition, which operates under the European Commission. With the help of a number of carefully designed anti-competitive restrictions, Apple has not only damaged, but and completely eliminated competition in application distribution and payment processes.

Apple uses its control over the iOS ecosystem to its advantage, blocking competitors, and its behavior is abuse of dominance and violation of EU competition law. This complaint complements trials already launched in both the US and Australia, as well as the recent filing of a lawsuit in UK Court of Appeal for Competition.

At stake is the very future of mobile platforms. Consumers have the right to install applications from sources of their choice, and developers have the right to compete in a fair market.

Tim Sweeney, founder and head of Epic GamesRecall The confrontation between Epic Games and Apple began last August. Apple removed Fortnite‘s battle royal from the App Store, after Epic Games added the ability to bypass the platform-holder payment system.

This is much more than Epic versus Apple. This applies to whether consumers and developers can do joint business directly on mobile platforms or are forced to use monopoly channels against their desires and interests.

In Epic note that this time are not seeking damages but seeking fair access and competition that will benefit consumers and developers. Following complaints from other app developers, the European Commission is already investigating Apple’s behaviour.

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