Epic Games predicts that EGS will only start bringing money by 2023

As part of the trial between Epic Games and Apple, new documents were released on the network mentioning the financial results of the digital store Epic Games Store. As Epic Games notes , EGS is for now operating at a loss to increase its market share. The company predicts that the store will start to bring money only by 2023.

However, the commission of 12% from developers and publishers covers the costs of supporting the service. Apple, in turn, reports that in 2019 Epic Games lost about $181 million on EGS, in 2020 expected to lose approximately $273 million, and this year forecast losses in the region of $139 million.

According to Apple, Epic Games recognized that investments to increase EGS market share will result in non-refundable costs. The company lost at least $330 million on exclusive deals with developers and publishers, as they do not return money regardless of their sales figures Games.

As Apple notes, Epic Games does not expect that at best EGS will get a combined gross profit before 2027. Recall that last year users spent more than 700 million dollars in EGS.

At the same time, the stores audience grew to 160 million registered users and 56 million active users in December. More on the Gamerania Mass Effect Legendary Edition went to gold – release May 14 To Ghost Recon Breakpoint in 2021 will release two major media updates: Konami is engaged in the new Castlevania.