Epic Games wants to take Xbox to trial against Apple

Remember how Apple against the will of Epic Games brought into the litigation of companies also Valve, which was obliged to disclose a lot of data regarding Steam? Now the creators of Fortnite themselves hope to make a witness of a representative of Microsoft who can oppose Apple – apparently, it has more than 300 electronic emails with Apple regarding the exclusion of xCloud in the App Store. โ€œApple seems to be unhappy with Epic Games‘ desire to bring in an Xbox representative for testimony against Apple because of the xCloud service’s blockages on iOS. Witnesses are tried to prevent from the speech, because Epic allegedly late declared it,โ€ the former editor-in-chief of Kotaku.

Of the other interesting details of the trial: Apple plans to use a slew of tweets by founder and Epic Games head Tim Sweeney against him during the hearing. The hearing in Epic Games vs.

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