“Epidemic” and Ai Mori recorded a song from League of Legends

Russian fantasy metal band Epidemiya recorded their own version of the song Edge of the Night by virtual heavy metal band Pentakill, composed of League of Legends heroes. The duet with Evgeny Egorov was the cover singer Olga Redoran, known as Ai Mori. The song was translated into Russian and sung by Epidemic and Ai Mori, originally performed by Jørn Lande, one of the best rock vocalists of modern times.

To hear Edge of the Night in the original can be found on the new album III: Lost Chapter of the band Pentakill. Virtual band Pentakill their debut album I: Smite & Ignite released in 2014, it went into top 40 on Billboard and reached number one on the metal and rock charts on iTunes.

As for the group Epidemic, it was founded in 1993 and became famous for metal operas in the spirit of high fantasy (The Elven Manuscript, The Treasure of Enya, and The Legend of Xentaron). More on CCeit Kalypso Opens Nine Worlds Studio in Munich to Work on Tropico 7 Fascinating Like It Was 11 Years Ago: Reviews for Alan Wake Remastered Media: Apple earns more from games Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.