Epke Zonderland stops gymnastics

Epke Zonderland stops gymnastics. He told Decceit this afternoon. Earlier in the day, he was eliminated at the Olympics.

Shortly after the game, Epke said he might want to continue until the World Cup in October. But later in the day, he was sure he wanted to quit.

Health Issues

The Friesland gymnast played the qualifying race today on his favorite part: the rack bar. He scored 13,833. That wasnt enough to get on to the finals.

Epke had many health problems lately. As a result, preparing for this race was not perfect, he told me.

Olympic champion

Three times before, Epke participated in the Olympics: 2008, 2012 and 2016, and was the most successful at the London Games in 2012. Then he became Olympic Champion.

Bart Deurloo

There was another Dutch gymnast. Bart Deurloo got a higher score on the rack bar. He did fit for the finals.