‘Epstein recruitor’ Jean-Luc Brunel picked up

The French authorities have apprehended model scout and businessman Jean-Luc Brunel (74) on suspicion of sexual offences. Thats what French media report.

Brunel was apprehended at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and was about to take the plane to Senegal. A few months ago, there were already searches at the modeling agency Karin Models set up by Brunel and the Parisian apartment of abused billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Hundreds of teenagers would have recruited Brunel for Epstein. The most famous Epstein accused, Virginia Giuffre, explains in 2015 in legal documents how the billionaire bragged that he had โ€œshared the bed with more than a thousand of Brunels girls.โ€ She would have been forced by Ghislaine Maxwell to have sex with Brunel.

As early as 1988, the media focused on Brunels misconduct. In the TV show 60 Minutes, several American models tell us how they were lured to Paris with beautiful promises, to discover the ugly side of the beauty industry. The Dutch Thysia Huisman can talk about it. She has been silent for years about how she would have been raped by Brunel after he put something through her drink.