‘Eredivisie also by a total lockdown’

Where all other competition sports were stopped earlier this month when the measures were tightened up, the government was allowed to pay football. Manager of league affairs Jan Bluyssen believes that football is ready to play even in an even more stringent package of measures.

โ€œ Even with a total lockdown, the football bubble could continue. Playing without an audience and training under control can also be done in a total lockdown. We‘re really ready for that. We may limit being inside even more at the clubs by letting everyone shower and eat at home, but everything else is there to continueโ€, says Bluyssen.

Pleasure for 4.3 million people

โ€œThe medical care is optimal and through continuous testing we immediately signal that something is going on. Because of all these measures, I have no doubt that it is super safe to play football. But that’s not the only thing. In such a situation, everyone should sit at home even more than is now the case. As a paid football, we are able to give a large group of people, a group of 4.3 million football fans, something to talk about and have fun with. That is also the function of football. That makes us a small part of perspective and entertainment that can still be done.โ€

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